Sunday, November 14, 2004


Sorry I am unable to come up with a more creative title! I feel that after all the academic work, my creativity tends to dwindle.

A friend left a message on here saying she had to get an account to access this. If this is the situation, I apologize. It did not tell me that when I signed up!

This weekend has been one of the most eventful ones in my life thus far. My on-call time at the hospital on friday was one of the most heart-wrenching nights of my life. Many things happened that night that I just don't have the energy to share. It was so hard for me that I could not sleep at all during my breaks at night, and the next day I could not sleep either. I just kept having some of the images run through my mind everytime I closed my eyes. I am doing a little better now though.

Today helped me a great deal. I woke up and helped with a breakfast at the church. This was alot of fun and took my mind off of things. I also went out to lunch with a couple from the church. Both are nurses and were very understanding of my feelings. I did not even have to tell them what happened. We just talked about the difficulties that go along with trauma work. I am thankful that God placed them in my life today.

Well, sorry to be such a bummer. I know all of you are probably thinking, "Why would you go into this kind of work then?" To be honest, I asked myself that several times on friday. But, while I am there, I know that God has me there for a reason. To imagine these patients and families not having a chaplain there just devastes me. How could someone go through that without someone there, advocating, praying, listening, and holding there hand? I cannot imagine going the rest of my life without having chaplaincy play a role. I know I am supposed to be there and I do feel peace about my work. Some days are harder than others, but every day I do this I feel that I am fulfilling my call.


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